"I have suffered for over 6 years with neck and back pain. I regularly saw my GP and was referred several times for physio. I had a M.R.I. scan in 2007 which revealed that I had Spondylosis of the neck and spine. Over the years my GP gave me regular steroid injections and I took several types of medication. My GP and Physio both told me it was something I would just have to learn to live with. I'm 32 years old and my daily living was restricted. I was recommended to visit Hansford & Crocker and can't believe the difference and benefit I have gained. I am no longer in constant pain and have reduced the amount of medication I need to take. Hansford & Crocker are fantastic and I would, and have, recommend them to others." Sarah L “I   had   been   suffering   with   severe   golfer’s   elbow   for   almost   two   years   when   I   turned   to   Alex   at   Hansford   &   Crocker.   I   had   been   to see   a   specialist   at   BUPA,   had   a   cortisone   injection   and   been   to   see   a   physio   who   gave   up   after   2   weeks   as   he   thought   my   injury was   “beyond   physio”.   Only   the   cortisone   injection   worked,   but   it   was   just   temporary   and   the   pain   came   back   after   6   months   even worse.   The   pain   I   was   suffering   with   was   severe   and   even   closing   my   car   door   was   painful,   never   mind   playing   golf.   I   was concerned that it was never going to get rectified and eventually I would have to give up golf completely. During   my   first   session   with   Alex   he   assured   me   he   could   fix   it,   but   would   require   some   time.   It   was   a   painful   first   session   as   he manipulated   the   elbow   to   get   the   injury   moving   again,   but   he   seemed   to   have   a   plan   and   the   confidence   he   could   get   it   right.   I went   once   a   week   for   about   10   weeks   and   rested   from   golf   completely.   I   also   followed   his   instructions   in   between   sessions   to   the letter, with contrast bathing. After   3   or   4   weeks   I   could   feel   the   improvement   and   every   week   after   that   it   improved   steadily.   The   timing   of   the   sessions   were based   on   the   injury   and   suggestions   came   from   Alex   for   longer   breaks   in   between,   so   I   never   felt   like   I   was   seen   just   to   make money. When   I   played   golf   again   for   the   first   time,   Alex   requested   a   text   after   I   had   finished   to   see   how   it   had   held   up.   Knowing   he   was genuinely   interested   in   my   recovery   was   really   encouraging.   I   have   just   returned   from   7   rounds   in   6   days   golf   vacation   and   my elbow   is   still   in   good   shape.   I   would   recommend   Hansford   &   Crocker   for   injury   rehabilitation   and   I   will   certainly   trust   them   with any future injuries.” Mike