If I could describe Alex and Will in one word it would be LEGENDS! I’m 25 years old and have spent the last 10 years in a reclined electric wheelchair due to a neuro-muscular disease. When the medical specialists had given up on my chances of ever being able to walk again, no other trainer or Physio would give me a chance, as the so called specialists are always ‘right’. From the first time I met Alex and Will, their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards my training and ability to improve, gave me the first glimmer of hope I’d had in a long time. Hope that there was more to my life than being confined to a wheelchair. That was two and a half months ago and during that time I have made enormous gains in my physical condition. Through the tireless efforts of Alex and Will I can now sit up, lift my head, have great strength in my arms and legs along with the development of core strength. I am at a point, in only two and a half months, that not long ago I would never have thought possible and this is purely down to the dedication, support and encouragement of Alex and Will. The treatment they provided was a result of their expertise in conjunction with research they undertook on my specific disease, creating a specialized regime suited just for me. With their help, I hope to walk once again and regain back my independence and my life. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found Alex and Will and to me they are my hero’s." Samantha F Since she wrote this, Sam has taken her first steps unaided.