Sports Massage Sports massage is an effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system. The manipulation and rehabilitation of muscles, ligaments and tendons in order to enhance the functions of the body, such as movement and performance, can assist in correcting problems and imbalances that are caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity. And it is not only for those with sports injuries: it is also suitable for anyone who needs a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle tension or discomfort caused by work related repetitive movements, such as computer use or general physical activity. Its reported benefits include an increase in the range of motion for joints, increased flexibility, decreased muscle tension, reduced recovery time between workouts, reduced chance of injury, the reduction of lactic acid build-up after exercise and help in reducing headaches. Three massage techniques are at the core of a sports massage: Effleurage A succession of rhythmic stroking movements following body contours using the palm of the hand and fingers.  Starting out with a light touch at the start of a session, it builds to deeper pressure later in the massage. It is used at the start and end of a sports massage session. Petrissage Generally used in the middle of a sports massage after the effleurage has warmed and relaxed the tissues, deep pressure is applied to muscles and other tissues through circular manipulations alternated with Kneading, squeezing, pushing or grasping the muscle tissue.  It is  employed on deeper tissues and uses the  hand, fingertips, thumb, forearm or knuckles for mobilising fluids, stretching muscle fibres, and inducing relaxation. Frictions Using the balls of the thumbs, the muscle is moved against the bone using circular movements, penetrating down to the deeper tissues. It is used for exploratory purposes, or for deeper movements aimed at breaking down lesions, separating muscle fibres, and even breaking down recent scar tissue. We offer full 1 hour full body or half-hour upper or lower body sports massages at both clinics with a special rate offered for pre- booked courses of 5 sessions. A half body sports massage is also an integral element of some of our personal training packages.