The GSR Approach to Treating Injuries The body is examined as a whole when assessing an injury so an initial screening is undertaken before any treatment commences to identify any potential predisposing factors to musculoskeletal injury and health related disorders. This entails taking a detailed history of any injuries but may also include postural and biomechanical assessments, muscle strength and flexibility testing and specific tests on the injured area. Following the screening, a treatment plan is drawn up.  This will employ a range of treatments and exercises to facilitate a reduction of pain, recovery of function and a return to physical activity and high levels of performance. The initial stage involves reducing pain and any swelling and promoting healing. Once this has been achieved it will move on to involve more exercises and treatment designed to target specific goals and help solve the problem. Exercise is a vital part of the rehabilitation process for most injuries. Patients will be set specific strengthening and flexibility exercises to help build strength and the range of motion in the injured area to ensure the injury site returns to a fully functional state and the original cause of the injury is eliminated.