Injury Prevention For any sports man or woman, being injured is time away from training and competing less effectively so it goes without saying that it is better to avoid injuries in the first place. Taking the correct preventative steps when training or competing in any sport or activity can significantly reduce injury rates. Prevention is always better than cure and so we offer individual 1 hour injury prevention sessions designed to give you the knowledge to lower your chances of injury while taking part in your sport or activity. In the session we will cover: Warm up/Cool down exercises Strengthening exercises Flexibility exercises Balance exercises Training errors Nutrition What to do if you become injured An integral part of the programme is an initial screening session where we look to identify any weaknesses you might have which we then use as the basis of the prevention programme. We can also provide injury prevention courses for clubs or groups of players for a wide variety of sports or activities: please contact us for details of our corporate deals for clubs and companies.